Chairman’s Note

A Note From Small Fishers Federation Chairman

Our foot prints on mangrove mudflats are embodied with success stories. We have sacrificed our life to protect mangroves and associated coastal resources. These success stories are encompassed in our life support system and part of global food web that gives sustainable living for our people. At a young age we have learnt that mangroves are part of food production process, alleviation of hunger and it provide life for millions of people. With this understanding we have built community responsibility and duty to protect mangroves and other coastal resources. As we have inherited the coastal nature, our next generation must also be the profiteers of the same. This is a very big responsibility beyond the legal or any other administrative systems in a Country.

Sustainable resource use is our key. Based on this element, we have built awareness campaigns,
done research, motivated the community on sustained resource use, incorporated indigenous knowledge system and created partnership with the community, government officers, schools and other conservation lovers. Further, we have facilitated for identification of ways to stop destruction of mangroves and associated ecosystem, stopped exploitation and promoted regeneration capacity by replanting, breeding and protecting for natural growth.

Today we are happy because we have clean air, we have sufficient fish catch and our community is living happily by eradicating hunger. This is a true story in Pambala lagoon and you can get all the information on this true story from our booklet. We believe community visioning and planning. We believe collaboration participation and partnership. We trust indigenous knowledge. Last two decades our efforts were encompassed these dynamism to build success and productive results. There is no any other word in our working life, other than the successes and sustainability. We are devoted on sustainability. Mangroves must be preserved for our children. They are the rich partners of our work and they will harvest the results of what we are doing today.

Anuradha Wickramasinghe
Chairman, Small Fishers Federation
Sri Lanka